Worlds Most Powerful Facial? Amazon Beauty Best Seller

I am constantly look at different websites that sell beauty items. One of those websites is Amazon. I absolutely love looking for different and unique beauty products on Amazon. This mask has been #1 on beauty best sellers for a long time now. I first heard about this cool mask from watching KathleenLights on YouTube. She raved about how this minimized the size of her pores dramatically in one of her videos. So, when I got this in the mail from Amazon I was so excited. 

There isn’t too much on the packaging about what this will do for your skin but the general idea is that it’s supposed to be the worlds most powerful facial for deep pore cleansing. The one and only ingredient is calcium bentonite clay. When this clay is mixed with a liquid it produces a negative electric charge that pulls toxins from the body. This causes your face to have a pulsating sensation.

The instructions for application of this mask are on the back of the container. Mix the powder clay 1:1 with apple cider vinegar or water. I find it mixes better to put more liquid than clay powder. It becomes a paste that you apply to your face. You need to apply a pretty thick layer according to the directions. Let it dry on your face for 5-20 minutes depending on the sensitivity of your skin. I leave mine on for 20 minutes. 

This mask is around $20 and is a huge tub of clay. It can be purchased here. 

They were not kidding when they said your face would pulsate. It’s not so much painful as it is a little uncomfortable. As it dries it pulls your face in the direction in which it’s drying so you look a little crazy. When I took off this mask, the results were so so good. My face was red, but it says on the packaging that’s normal. What was so incredible about this mask is that my pores looked non-existent. This mask pulled all the gunk from my pores and they looked so clean. My skin texture also decreased significantly. But the way my pores looked (or didn’t look) was absolutely incredible. 

This mask did dry my skin out though so I can’t use it more than once a week but that’s perfectly fine with me!

My boyfriend wouldn’t want me to tell you this but he likes it too. He has larger pores and it cleaned them out for sure. He uses this mask whenever I do! Would you be interested in knowing boyfriend approved beauty products? Let me know!

Have you tried out any Amazon beauty products? 


  • I’ve heard amazing things about this mask, I really want to try it. I hope it’s ok for sensitive skin though and I’m not sure how I feel about it drying an pulling my skin in different directions lol. Guess I’d have to be super careful with the application!


    • It’s a weird feeling having your skin being pulled but it’s all the toxins coming out! Or at least that’s what I tell myself haha

  • Thank you for the review! I see this mask on Amazon as well and have always been curious about it! It does sound very strong, so if I ever do try it I’d definitely use it on just my nose area where the pores are problematic.

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  • I also heard about this mask from KathleenLights ages ago and always wanted to try this. Just a little bit scared of the drying my skin too much.

    Michelle Morchella

    • Yeah it is a bit drying but not I use it just where I have large pores or a breakout!

  • Yes! I actually heard about this while doing some Amazon research myself. I found it to be interesting and intimidating all at once!

    • They do have a lot of stuff! I tend to stick to the best seller list haha

  • Carina Vardie

    I don’t usually shop on Amazon for skincare, but this mask sounds amazing and I’m a sucker for masks. ahaha


    • I’ve bought a couple skincare items from Amazon. It’s a great place to find cool products!

  • For some reason I wouldn’t have even thought about checking out Amazon for beauty products, but this sounds amazing. It must be really strange feeling it pulsate on your face.

    Kristy |

    • Yeah! Not the most obvious place to look for beauty products but worth checking out

  • I have never tried this before. I think it is nice that your boyfriend likes this as well. 🙂 Men getting into skincare is a good thing honestly. This was a great review 🙂

    • Before we started dating he didn’t even moisturize! Now he loves masks haha

  • Wow I didn’t realize this was on the Amazon best seller list! I have to check it out since it’s obviously so good!


    • Yeah it’s been on the list for a long time I think!

  • Sam

    I’ve seen this on Claire Marshall’s YouTube as well, but I think she got hers from Whole Foods. Definitely worth checking out, I’m a sucker for anything that helps pores!

    Sam | My Beauty Cloud

    • Yeah for sure worth checking out. I love anything that makes my pores shrink!

  • I have very dry skin so I’m not sure if this will be a good mask for me. Maybe I can use it for a spot treatment? Does it come in smaller size?

    • Yeah I’ve started to use it just as a spot treatment. It doesn’t come in a smaller size, which sucks.

  • That sounds like fun to me! Haha, I do love a good face mask. My skins really dry so I dont know if this is best for me, but my other half has massive pores so ill get some for him! Thanks lovely.
    Kate x

    • It is quite fun haha! It’s a great mask for men. Very manly haha

  • Hillory Renkema

    I definitely need to try this out!!



  • This sounds so good! I have the biggest pores ever so I am so tempted to try this

    Rachel xx

  • I see this mask on Amazon as well and I’ve also heard some great things about it. It’s sounds really good though but I wonder how well it would work for my dry skin?

    Ann-Marie |

    • I have dry skin as well and I’ve been using it just as a spot treatment. I would follow it up with a great moisturizer though!

  • Just something I’ve been looking for!! Thank you for this as I really been looking for a worth buying cleansing facial product for a very long time. The amount of black heads around my nose!!!!! It’s unreal..