Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream | Review

Some friends of mine were talking the other day about our favourite scents in the whole world. I, of course, jumped in and immediately said lilacs and roses. I love the smell of lilacs in the spring and summer (hello Bath and Body Works Fresh Lilacs candle) but, I love the smell of roses all year round. Some of my favourite perfumes have the top note being roses. If any beauty product, whether it be a body product, hair product, skincare, makeup, is rose scented I jump on it and have to try it. 

When I saw the display for this new face cream it was fate because I needed a new hydrating night cream. I smelled it right away and then immediately put it in my basket. If you want to hear what I think about the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream then keep on reading! 

This is a lightweight gel cream infused with rosewater and rose oil to give deep, long lasting hydration to the skin. It uses time release technology to give you hydration for up to 24 hours. It contains hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, rose water for soothing, and rose oiling for nourishing. This also contains Vitamin E to give you ‘petal soft’ skin. This cream is meant for normal to dry skin. 

This cream also won  the 2016 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award for Best Moisturizer.

It is 50$ (CAD) and can be purchased on or on

This moisturizer is just what my skin needed at night time. It feels really lightweight on the skin but does such a great job of penetrating the skin to deeply hydrate. I put this on as the last step in my night time skincare and feels really hydrating as soon as you put it on. It sinks into the skin pretty quickly. Because it’s a gel cream it feels a little cooling on my skin which is really soothing after a long day. 

When I wake up the next morning after using this cream, I can still feel the hydration in my skin. My skin even looks a little plumped up. I’d say this is a major win. Many people don’t know but your skin actually shows more fine lines when it’s dehydrated. Skincare is important, people!

It doesn’t have an overwhelming/fake rose scent. It’s a very nice, light, natural smelling rose and not perfumey at all!

My only con about this moisturizer is I’m not crazy about moisturizers in pots. I really don’t like digging my hands in pots to get product out. I feel like it’s just asking for bacteria to come into the pot. I always wash my hands right before applying this so I’m not adding extra bacteria from my hands. 

What is your go to night cream? Would you be interested in seeing my night time skincare routine?