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Dior Airflash Foundation | REVIEW

My search for the perfect foundation is forever ongoing. I need a foundation that feels like I’m wearing nothing, makes me look healthy, and makes me look perfect. Is that too much to ask? As you read in my 2017 Makeup Favourites, my favourite foundation is the L’oreal Pro Glow foundation and I’m always looking for a foundation I just just as well or better. 

I had heard so many amazing things about the Dior Airflash Foundation but the price tag always turned me off. But, since I got a Sephora gift card for christmas I decided to splurge and get this hyped foundation. 

So, today I’ll be talking all about the Dior Airflash Spray Foundation. 

This is an ultra lightweight foundation that is supposed to give an airbrushed effect. This delivers foundation via a fine mist and is super easy to apply. 

This foundation can be purchased on the Sephora website here. It is $78.

This is a really cool foundation because it’s a spray foundation. It comes in what looks likely spray can. The instructions say to spray directly onto your face but I prefer to spray it onto my Real Techniques Sponge and apply from there. 

This foundation applies and blends like an absolutely dream. It looks as though you are wearing nothing on your skin but gives you a medium to full coverage finish. I wouldn’t say it gives you a matte finish but probably more of a natural one. It wears beautifully on my skin. I would say I can get a good 8-hour wear out of this foundation before it starts to fade. 

This foundation makes my skin look so perfected but feels so lightweight. I totally agree with all the claims of this pricey foundation. 

The only negative about this foundation is the price. It costs a pretty penny. I really didn’t want to like this foundation because of the price but the heart wants what the heart wants. 

What is your favourite foundation? Leave it below!