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My Favourite Makeup Brushes

It’s hard to create an amazing painting without tools and it’s near impossible to create beautifully artistry on your face without brushes and beauty tools. I don’t have a massive collection of brushes but I have put together a few that I would be absolutely lost without.

Todays post is all about my favourite brushes that I own. As with anything, the prices range from high end to drugstore. 

Let’s start with face tools. 

I love a good multi use brush. They are amazing for powder, bronzer, blush, and more! They are also amazing for travel. You can take one brush and do it all. My go-to’s are actually all from the drugstore! My number one is the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush. It’s super soft and amazing at blending. Next up is the Elf Cosmetics Beautifully Precise Airbrush Blender brush. This brush is a little more dense and it’s amazing at blending out bronzer and blush. Lastly and least expensive is the Wet n Wild Powder Brush. This brush is really really soft and amazing. And, it’s only $3-5.

My favourite brush for highlighting is the Morphe M501. It applies the highlight perfectly but not too heavy. It also doesn’t leave a line of highlight on your face. My go-to contour brush is the Morphe M530. It carves the cheekbones out so nicely but doesn’t leave a harsh line. You are able to blend out the contour no problem. 

My all time favourite Makeup Sponge (even more than the original Beauty Blender) is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. It blends out foundation and concealer like an absolute dream. I also use it for baking my concealer and absolutely love it. I do use it damp and it’s much better than using it dry.

All of my favourite eye brushes (except one) are from Sigma Brushes. Sigma Brushes can be a little hard to find but are a must for me! My favourite fluffy blending brush is the Sigma E40. It diffuses a crease colour so amazingly.

To apply crease colour is the ever so famous Mac Cosmetics 217 brush. It’s amazing for precisely applying crease colour and then lightly blending it out. I also use this to apply lid colour sometimes. 

To always apply lid colour I use the Sigma E20. It packs on colour like nothing else. I love wetting this brush with some Fix + and the applying a metallic shade. 

The best pencil brush I’ve ever used is the Sigma E30. I use this to apply inner corner highlight and smudge colour underneath my lash line. It’s amazing for this!

What are your must-have brushes? Leave me some recommendations below!



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