Pamper Evening Go-To’s

There is nothing I love more than having a little bit of self-love. I absolutely love spending a night pampering myself and doing but things I love to do. This usually includes eating chocolate, watching serial-killer documentaries, and doing the most skincare I can do. 

If you want to know some of the things I do on my pamper nights, keep on reading. 

Some people do pamper nights on specific nights of the weeks or on weekend nights but, since I work shift work I do them on completely random nights of the week. I try to do these pamper nights once a week or at least once every 2 weeks. 

I really love to pamper my skin during these nights so I do multiple masks. One to create radiance or reduce pores, and one to moisturize my skin. My go-to lately for radiance and purifying has been The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Glow Mask. This mask works great at exfoliating and making my skin look much brighter. For my second mask, I’ll use a sheet mask. I love using The Face Shop sheet masks. But, I’m really not picky about my moisturizing sheet masks. 

While I’m doing these masks I’ll take a nice bath with a lush product. For relaxing I’ll use a bath bomb or bubble bar from Lush. This one pictured here is from their christmas collection and smells like lavender. Unfortunately it’s limited edition from christmas but I also love their Comforter Bubble Bar. 

When I get out of the bath I’ll put on my essential oil diffuser with some amazing oils. They really calm me down and make me feel like I’m in a spa. These ones are my absolutely favourite. They are from Amazon and they can be purchased here

I love to moisturize the crap out of my skin on these nights so I always turn to The Body Shop Body Butter on these nights. My favourite scent is the Shea Scent. It makes my skin so soft and it feels so luxurious. The scent is also amazing. I love it so much. 

For my skin on my face, I’ll use an intense moisturizer. I am so in love with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. It is so thick and amazing. I love that it comes in a squeeze tube and not a pot. It makes my skin feel like butter. This has been my favourite night cream for a few months now. 

What products do you love to use on your pamper nights?