Travel Makeup Bag Tour

I’m on of those really strange people who loves to pack. It makes me even more excited to travel. If I could pack a week in advance, I would. But, my boyfriend probably wouldn’t like my suitcase on the floor of our bedroom for a week. So, when I got a new travel makeup bag […]

Valentines Day Makeup Look – 3 Ways

I have to say, I’m one of those people who loves Valentines Day. I love celebrating and being with the person I love. I also love doing holiday makeup looks. Themed makeup looks are just so fun to do! This Valentine’s Day I’m spending the day doing some self love and then going to a […]

My Favourite Makeup Brushes

It’s hard to create an amazing painting without tools and it’s near impossible to create beautifully artistry on your face without brushes and beauty tools. I don’t have a massive collection of brushes but I have put together a few that I would be absolutely lost without. Todays post is all about my favourite brushes that […]