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Beauty Empties January 2018

Another month, another bunch of products I have used up. I don’t know what is it but I have been using up products like nobodies business. I partially think it’s because I have nothing better to do in the winter than stay inside and play with makeup and skincare. 

If you don’t know what ‘empties’ posts are, I show you and talk about products that I’ve used up recently. I’ll give a quick review and then let you know if I’d repurchase it. 

The Good 

  • Let’s begin with my number one love which is Batiste Dry Shampoo. I’ve discovered the lotus scent is the absolutely best and I’ll always continue to repurchase this. 
  • A cult favaourite, a favourite of mine, is the L’Oreal Elnett hairspray. If you want your hair to stay in place but not be super crunchy, you’ll love this. 
  • I loved the Garnier Micellar water. It did a great job at removing my makeup and was super gentle. It’s as good as my Simple Cleansing Water so, I’ll just go with whatever’s on sale!
  • The Vaseline Body Butter is such an amazing body butter for the price. The Cocoa scent is so nice and warm but light. It keeps me moisturized for a long time.
  • The Origins Night A Mins has been my go to night cream for such a long time. I love it so much. It smells so nice and citrusy and keeps my skin hydrated all night long. I’m currently using something else but I’ll definitely get this again. 
  • My beloved Tarte Shape Tape Concealer ran out and I got so sad until I realized I had a backup. This is the most amazing, high coverage concealer you’ll ever use. Don’t sleep on this concealer! 
  • The Ordinary Caffeine Solution is one of those products that I wasn’t sure was working until it ran out. It makes me look more awake and makes my eyes look less puffy. I’ll get this again as soon as it’s back in stock. 
  • The Urban Decay Naked Weightless Concealer is a good concealer. It’s a little more hydrating that the Tarte Shape Tape but less coverage. I don’t see myself repurchasing this when I have the Tarte one.
  • Of course I’ll be repurchasing the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. It’s one of the best powders ever! 

The Meh

  • The First Aid Beauty Hydrating Serum isn’t bad but it isn’t my favourite. I have other serums that provide more hydration than this one so I won’t be repurchasing this. 
  • The Olay moisturizer is one of those products that does its job but that’s it. I don’t love the smell, it doesn’t provide an extraordinary amount of moisture. I don’t think I’ll get this again. 
  • The Urban Decay Quick Fix  Priming Spray smelled amazing, like coconuts. But, I didn’t notice it do anything fantastic for my skin or my makeup. I like my Mac Fix + better. 
  • While I was using the Pixi Natural Brow Duo, I really enjoyed it. But, then I went to the Anastasia Brow Definer and I love that so much more. Nothing wrong with the Pixi one, just not my favourite. 

The Not So Good 

  • Unfortunately the Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist burned the crap out of my eyes. I have really sensitive eyes and only a few mists don’t burn my eyes. I really wanted to like this but I just can’t.
  • When I use a face mask I want to notice a difference and I just didn’t with the Yes To Grapefruit Correct and Repair Peel. It burned my skin a little bit but I didn’t notice anything different with my skin. 

What products have you used up recently? Leave it below!