Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation | REVIEW

Let me say, first of all, the shade range of this foundation is absolute crap. Second of all, the shade I picked for myself is wrong. It’s too dark for me and I know. But, I was so freaking excited to try this foundation because of the fact that it’s TARTE SHAPE TAPE FOUNDATION. The most amazing concealer that has ever blessed us, now has a foundation to go along with it. 

I feel like most of what I’ve done lately is review foundations. But, I love the heck out of foundations and I love trying to find the perfect foundation for my skin. 

As soon as this foundation was announced, I knew I needed it. They released two different formulas. One is a Matte formula and one is a Hydrating formula. I, having dry skin, chose the Hydrating formula. 

Left: Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation. Right: Nadda.

This is a luminous-finish gel foundation with the same full-coverage as the iconic Shape Tape Concealer. This foundation contains collagen and hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skins, plumps the skin, and refines pores. This foundation is applied with the same giant Doe-Foot applicator as the Shape Tape Concealer. This is a 12-hour wear foundation. You can build up the coverage by doing more swipes of the foundation. 

For best use, you are supposed to use this with the Tarte Cosmetics Shaper Sponge (LOL). But, I use my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. 

I wouldn’t say this foundation has full coverage. I would say more like medium coverage. So, if you are looking for a full-coverage foundation this isn’t for you. I had to build it up to get the coverage I wanted and I don’t have much to cover on my skin. I had to dip it quite a few times into the container to get a full coverage.

What I’m looking for in a foundation is one that doesn’t dry my skin out and make me look older than I am. Other foundations that I have used, emphasizes the fine lines on my face and the Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation doesn’t do that at all. It makes me feel and look hydrated. It looked quite natural on my skin which I loved. It looks like skin on my skin!

All of this being said, I cannot skim over the fact that the shade range of this foundation is laughable. They have 15 shades and 13 of them are for light skin. A reputable brand like Tarte Cosmetics needs to be more inclusive with it’s shades from the get go. 

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think? #SHAPETAPENATION

10 Replies to “Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation | REVIEW”

  1. I’ve seen MANY YouTube videos raking Tarte over the coals on how limited the colour range is.
    The finish looks great on you – I thought it would be more full coverage based on the corresponding concealer, but I like how it looks on you!

    1. It’s definitely lighter coverage than I was expecting. I was thinking it would be amazing if they came out with a hydrating concealer to go along with the foundation!

  2. That foundation looks incredible on you. I wish Tarte was more accessible in the UK, currently you can only buy it online and I hate getting foundations online, I never quite get the shade right. Brilliant review!

    Vanessa x | http://www.springlilies.com

    1. Thank you so much! I got this one online and the colour isn’t quite right. Oh well, the risk you take with online shopping.

  3. Courtney Hardy says:

    I love how it turned out. Your skin is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m going to put up a skincare routine soon!

  4. The finish is beautiful on you!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank you! I really like it, too!

  5. Totally agree that the shade range from Tarte is pretty embarrassing, especially in today’s cultural climate, that was really poorly thought out on their part! I haven’t tried either foundation (or the concealer for that matter) just yet but if anything I’d have to try the mattifying one since I have super oily skin, but I’m glad to hear the hydrating one seems to be working well for you. 🙂 Love that you did a comparison photo with a half face of makeup and half without btw – that’s a great way to show the level of coverage!


    1. Especially with Tarte being such a large cosmetics company!! I definitely think it’s an important issue!

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